Hydraulic Cylinder



Hydraulic Cylinder

The proper integration of the knowledge and experience gives best out put as the premium quality of the hydraulic cylinders at industry leading prices and also gave us reputation as the topmost manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the same.  The innovative technology and expert execution of our talented engineers show the way to satisfied clientele. Alert service and dedicated employment has gained us the reputations as well as good will of our esteemed clients.

The device based on the mechanism, in which pressurized hydraulic fluid is used for the different applications, known as a hydraulic pump. The mechanism is applied to manage the linear motion and force, which transfer power. The energy stored in the hydraulic fuels is converted in to motion. The complete unit of hydraulic system is provided with the hydraulic motor, which consists of one or more hydraulic cylinders. To regulate the oil flow in the hydraulic system, the pump is used, which is a part of the generator of a hydraulic system. The hydraulic cylinder is used to initiate the pressure of the oil, required by the load.

Hydraulic cylinder contains cylindrical barrel, piston and piston rod. The piston rod is connected to the piston, placed in the barrel. The bottom and head of the barrel is closed with the cylinder bottom and cylinder head respectively. Piston rod exits the cylinder from the side of the cylinder head. The hydraulic cylinder is works on the expansion and retraction action generated by the flowing fluids.

Hydraulic cylinders are of two types

  • Single acting cylinders
  • Double acting cylinders

In single acting cylinders, the fluid is pressurized from one side of the cylinder, while in the double acting cylinders, it pressurized from both of the sides. The double rod cylinders are of two types.

  • single rod ended
  • double rod ended

The manufacturing department is updated with latest market trend and the basic need of the customer. We use totally computerized programs to fabricate the optimum quality of the cylinders. We provide, precisely designed and developed cylinders like,

  • Bearing mounted
  • Front flanged
  • Rear clevis
  • Rear pin
  • Telescopic
  • Single acting
  • Forked clevis
  • Trunion
  • Tie rod


  • Steel mill application
  • Construction equipment
  • Heavy earth moving equipment
  • Allied fluid power applications.

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