Forged and Machined Parts



Forged and Machined Parts

We are popular as the reliable service provider for the precise and high quality forged and machined parts. Some metals may be forged cold, but iron and steel are almost always hot forged. We are named as the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the forged and machined parts.

Forging is manufacturing process, in which metal is pressed, and squeezed under great pressure. The metal flows like tooth paste, and on cooling, it forms grains, which do not stick each other perfectly. It is stronger than a casting.  

The forging process is totally different from the casting process. Like casting, in forging it is never melted and poured. Many metals like carbon, alloy and stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and coper can be forged to make precise forged and machined parts.


It is believed that nothing beats forging for strength. Being more and more advanced forging technology, the range of shapes, sizes and properties are also developed, and it leads the increasing variety of design. The forged materials provide the high performance, hard ness, reliability, ductility and machinability.


  • Construction
  • Aumotive
  • National defense
  • Aero space
  • Agriculture
  • Material handling
  • Mining
  • General engineering and industrial equipment

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