Die and Mould Parts



Die and Mould Parts

Cangold engineers, ahmedabad provides the highly effective fabrication services for the part of dies and moulds. We fabricate the precise parts for the die and mould. The dies and moulds are important machine tools having significant role in the modern manufacturing process. As a prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter we provide high quality, precise die and mold as per specification. The moulds and dies are used in many kinds of machineries and equipments like office goods, glass containers, construction materials and equipments, toys and sundries, house hold goods, industrial machinery, electric machinery and equipment.

These industries are producing bulk production of the goods; need the dies and moulds, which are classifieds in to plastic mould, forging moulds and dies, press dies, ceramic dies, powder metallurgy dies and rubber dies. These moulded items are used in many industries of which plastic moulded products are widely used in many products like TV sets, QA equipment and consumer electric and electronic products, as well as in ballpoint pens, food containers, lunch boxes and pet bottles. We understands the magnitude of the dies and moulds for the production of the articles, we do not compromise with the qualities. The accuracy of the die is the determinable factor for the accuracy of the parts or products. As Dies and moulds is so magnificent fraction of the production line, the best performance of the dies and moulds lead the chances most for the best production.   We always make the customer, well informed about the progress of the manufacturing process. We make use of the latest tools and methods for the fabrication.


For the fabrication, the detailed information about the object plays the key role in production. Totally computerized unit and latest tooling has make us enable to provide high quality service and also provide customer with the die, in minimal down time.

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